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Authorities have identified the #1 means of unauthorized entry through a locked door is through the use of a duplicate key. Standard keys to your property can be made on demand in countless places. Our suggestion is to replace standard locks with high security products by Mul-t-lock because each Mul-t-lock key has a personal identification card that precludes duplication without the property resident's permission.

Liberty Locksmith also carries Medeco and Baldwin locks, standard cylinders, cover plates, lever handles, top locks, Jimmy bars, and Jimmy-proof dead bolts by Mul-t-lock and Segal.

In sum, Liberty Locksmith stocks a variety of locks and lock accessories that will tastefully complement your home or office while providing a maximum level of protection.

We provide 24-hour service to any location in the metropolitan area. Our expert technicians will answer all of your questions to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

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Quality LockSmith
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