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 Front Load Depositories

Liberty LockSmith, Safes, Front Load Depositories The series of front load depository safes come with large deposit trays that can accept larger deposits

  • Rating: Burglary Resistant B Rated
  • .5" steel plate construction doors
  • .25' heavy duty steel body
  • Full boltwork and relocker
  • UL rated combination locks
  • Front load door protected by sawtooth baffle
  • Predrilled bolt holes - standard
  • Available in either key lock or combination
  • Optional UL Listed Group 1 Electronic Power Generated Combination Lock No Batteries or Wiring Required

Model Inside Dimensions inches Outside Dimensions inches Total Weight Slot Size
Price USD
FL2014 n/a n/a n/a 20 141/4 141/4 140 3.5 x 12.5 Contact Us
FL2514 141/4 131/2 10 25 141/4 141/4 155 3.5 x 12.5 Contact Us
FL2716 16 151/4 161/2 27 16 19 208 4 x 14 Contact Us

1Add 1 1/4 inches to outside depth for handle & hinges
2Inside dimensions apply to top compartment.
  Bottom compartment is 1/4 inches higher inside.

Model A B C
i n c h e s
FL2014 n/a n/a n/a
FL2514 131/2 271/2 26
FL2716 151/4 32 n/a

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